Deckchairs for all tastes!

Miami, October 2018. A mother and her daughter are getting ready to go to the beach.
“Honestly, no… I don’t want to take this deckchair on the beach with me! It’s way too outdated and bulky. “
“But what if it was lightweight and trendy, then would you take it? “
This is how the idea of LE PETIT TRANSAT was born. The adventure began with her answer: “Absolutely!”

A turtle takes his time in his travels but also lands freely … this is what LE PETIT TRANSAT offers.

Consisting of a lightweight and solid metal frame, mattress, and a removable and machine washable cover, this deckchair meets all your needs! It is also equipped with a large pocket tote!

Let your imagination take over and accessorize it to your taste!
Customizable handles with tribal motifs, pompoms with flashy colors, beautiful mirrors with a bohemian look, or small detachable assorted pocket, everything has been designed to make your life easier!

In order to guarantee the best quality for LE PETIT TRANSAT customers, we select our service providers with care.

Its versatility allows you to have a good time in a world that moves fast. Tanning, sleeping, reading, dreaming, watching your children … hours of fun comfortably seated, leaning on an adjustable backrest, and lying on a comfortable cushion.
Its design is particularly stylish, with beautiful colors and materials which allow you to stay trendy in all environments!


On the one hand we have Corinne, mother of five children, who is always lively and creative in spirit. A travel lover, author of the novel “DE MER EN MÈRE”, and on a journey towards self-knowledge, she loves creativity in all its forms. She especially loves fabrics, ribbons, and pompoms … She invents and create stories, beautiful objects that are useful and practical,and loves to innovate and think outside the box … an all-terrain mum who conceptualized the idea of ​​LE PETIT TRANSAT.


On the other hand, we have Sara, the youngest daughter and always on the lookout for new artistic and creative projects.
Passionate about fashion which she shares on her blog ( and Instagram ( @saraliscia), she is also an artist in digital collage ( and gifted in marketing. She never stops striving to flourish in new projects that are important to her!